Addressing Food Insecurity in San Fernando Valley

With the outbreak of COVID-19, NVCS has become an emergency responder, expanding our services at the request of the Mayor’s Office to meet the increased nutritional needs of our community. We have already seen food insecurity skyrocketing in our community as more people lose their jobs, resulting in an unprecedented demand for our Food Pantry and Meal Outreach services. We kindly ask that you take a moment to look at NVCS FaceBook page  

NVCS’ Food Pantry is open and bustling with volunteers (the backbone of our efforts!) working around the clock to serve food insecure families and individuals. Since March 19th, our Drive-Through Food Pantry has provided groceries to 2,000 families each week, a huge increase from our “pre-COVID” average of 400 families.

Our Meal Outreach program distributes over 1,500 meals – we’ve doubled the number of hot meals to 300 homeless families living in motels; deliver meals daily to quarantined Elderly and provide breakfast (in a “Grab & Go” format to over 200 homeless individuals a week.

Despite the growth of services and community impact we have achieved thus far, we are struggling to keep up with the urgent and overwhelming demand and are in desperate need of funding to finance additional resources to sustain our services.

You can help by donating money, PPE or cleaning supplies; or by volunteering to cook or deliver food; or box produce and load groceries into cars. Call  818.891.0481



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