American Red Cross: Shelter Service Associate

The Shelter (SH) Service Associate (SA) is a temporary position assigned to work in person in a Red Cross shelter before, during and/or after a disaster event such as a wildfire or earthquake. Shelter Service Associates complete tasks necessary for shelter operations and interacts with clients to ensure their needs are met. Vaccinated high recommended; or wear appropriate mask at all times 

As a Shelter Services volunteer, you will: 

  • Provide excellent customer service and support the daily maintenance of your assigned shelter. 
  • Support the day-to-day activities within a shelter which may include working in reception, registration, feeding, dormitory, information, or other areas. 
  • Embody the fundamental principles of the American Red Cross in your work with people disaster responders, community partners and the people who need your help. 
  • Follow worker safety procedures for working in a COVID environment and assist your fellow volunteers in doing the same. 
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