Amigos de Los Rios – Emerald Necklace Group

To All our AMAZING Emerald Necklace Watershed Stewards / Volunteers,
Hope you are well. Please stay in touch by checking our web site and facebook page.
In the spirit of solidarity, as advised by the CDC – we are suspending our Emerald Necklace Volunteer Stewardship Events until April 15th. We will keep you up to date as we move through this crisis together.
As all of us do our best to slow the spread of COVID-19 and practice social distancing, we hope that you continue to get some exercise and enjoy the life giving gifts of nature all around us. Please take some time to open a window or take a walk and breathe the fresh air cleansed by the rain.
Thank You for helping to make our Urban Landscape a healthy and nourishing place.
Sincerely – All of us at Amigos de los Rios
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