Chance was paired with mentor Jeff after losing his dad to cancer

“He goes out of his way to make time to have special experiences with us. For example, he has taken us surfing/body boarding at the beach and taught us new surf skills. He goes skiing with us annually to Mountain High and show us where to go and how to improve our skiing speed and smoothness as well as showing us where off the beaten path to go. He is always there for us when we need him. For example, I have a monthly cotillion dance and Jeff came to meet my dads good friends who were there, and show his support. He also helped me with my suit and especially my tie, which I didn’t know how to tie for the cotillion dance. He sets up game and family fun nights and spends quality time laughing and joking with us. He took us to an LAFC soccer match which was soooooo fun! He has taken us for bike rides and come to watch and support our basketball and baseball tournament games. He is always so upbeat and outgoing. He even met us at a surf shop to help select the best board for my next step in surfing. He is a true blessing to our family and we consider him part of our family. We feel “lucky in life” , (our family phrase), to have and know and love Jeff. We know we can trust, rely on and have dedicated loving support from Jeff. He is uniquely awesome as our mentor!” – mentee Chance (age 13)

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