Closed for Members

Reports on A Place Called Home responses due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus / COVID-19
Most trusted sources of information (public health officials, scientists, medical staff) indicate that the safest and most effective way to contain the virus is to reduce and eliminate large group meetings and inter-group traffic. And. as soon as possible, better.
Therefore, starting this Saturday March 14, 2020, A Place Called Home will be closed for members. There will be NO after school programs or Saturdays starting with this Saturday 14 until further notice.
We are aware of the difficulties and challenges that the pandemic of the new coronavirus can cause in our community and to the members and families we serve. We are working on contingency plans to be able to provide emergency services, such as food and distribution of home products, for our families during closing. We are also researching online learning program and counseling opportunities for our members.
The safety and health of our members, their families, and our employees is the highest priority. We appreciate your cooperation with our health and emergency procedures and taking extra precautions during this time.
If you have any questions, please contact our membership department at 323-232-7653 ext 2202, 2239 or 2326.
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