Day One’s doCARES Program Provides Free Groceries and Meals to Over 2,000 Families in Need

Pasadena nonprofit Day One was selected by the California Community Foundation as a CARES ACT recipient to help alleviate local food insecurity arising during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Day One, which provides grants with the help of partners like the Pasadena Public Health Department, teamed up with local grocery store champion, Altadena Grocery Outlet – which didn’t hesitate to step up to the plate to support the community, even if it meant taking on extra work, and training staff on the voucher process overnight.

“We understand this year we have faced so many challenges however there are so many organizations that have stood up to the challenge. We were honored to partner with agencies like Day one. Together we can help make a difference in our community.” Michele Guajardo, Altadena Grocery Outlet Owner

 “We know that times continue to be difficult for so many families,” shared Christy Zamani, Day One Executive Director. “families have lost jobs, loved ones, and hope, we are simply doing what we can to make sure they can access the food they need during these challenging times”

Cynthia Torres, lifelong Pasadena resident and mother of three said, “Thank you so much Day One! This has honestly been such a huge blessing-especially with everything going on right now, you all are angels of love. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. this has helped us out so much, at first, we weren’t feeling financially impacted by Covid, but now that I’ve been let go from my job we are really feeling it.”

 “Pasadena WIC Program staff were eager and excited to distribute these much-needed vouchers. COVID-19 has placed a financial burden on families, WIC was fortunate to be a part of this effort and our families are grateful for the assistance,” said Charlene Chen, Pasadena WIC Program Manager

Day One also partnered with PACTL, Adelante Youth Alliance, Pasadena Job Center, and countless community members and partners to make this magic possible.

Day One is also partnering with local restaurants like Perry’s Joint, Andy’s Café, and El Matador to provide family meals to 200 families who don’t have access to a kitchen.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible monetary donation to help us support families in need, please feel free to make a donation at

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