Going Virtual

Across the nation, After-School All-Stars programs have temporarily closed, and our staff are hard at work doing everything we can to support our communities through this crisis.

Many of our students and working families do not have a safety net during this unprecedented and difficult time. The impact of school closings spreads far beyond academics –– it means the deprivation of meals, mentors, and a safe place while working parents are not at home. 

While shutting down schools is necessary, it comes at a deep personal cost to our students and their overall well-being.

To mitigate the repercussions our programs are experiencing due to this difficult circumstance, our school and district partners are preparing for virtual learning. As we always do, we will continue to align with and compliment the core day approach as we design programs for our All-Stars.

A collaboration between the Program Department and the Regional Leadership will look to design After-School All-Stars’ virtual learning experiences that would include Health and Wellness Programming, Academic Support, Themed Activities, and Family Engagement. We are especially focused on the mental and physical well-being of our students during this time, making Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs more relevant than ever before in addressing the dramatic shifts in our students’ social and academic environments.

Our team will continue to find creative ways to serve our students, all while doing everything we can to contain the virus from spreading so our students can get back to school –– not just for academia, but for personal development and overall quality of life.

This crisis is impacting us all. We need your help to widely implement this virtual learning experience that will keep students safe, learning, and engaged throughout the crisis. Your support will enable our staff to keep serving our students. And, your support ensures we will be ready when school doors open again. Please consider donating today. We can do this together! 


Ben Paul, President & CEO
After-School All-Stars

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