Heart of Compassion History

Founded in 1993 by Pastor Eric Tietze, Heart of Compassion (HOC) Distribution is a 501(c)(3) food bank and social service organization.  HOC works to alleviate hunger, food insecurities and the suffering of those who have fallen on hard times.

  • Our mission is to be a lighthouse of volunteers fighting poverty and restoring hope.
  • Our vision is to empower residents in local communities living in poverty to achieve self-sufficiency.  

We achieve our mission by collecting, packaging, and distributing food to low-income communities through public food distributions and through partnerships with a network of service agencies and programs.  Heart of Compassion not only distributes food to families in need, but also serves as a hub to provide transitional housing, occupational training, and vocational rehabilitation.  In addition, we partner with other non-profits, local officials, and community supporters.

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