LA Art Show & Torrance Art Museum Public Art

The Torrance Art Museum Advocates provided funding for the completion of ‘de-constructed labyrinth’ (a re-constructed and evolving installation) on the patio of the Torrance Art Museum.

A Reconfiguration + Evolving Site-Specific Installation created by Daniela Soberman.

Daniela Soberman has reconfigured / turned-inside-out and transformed the structure she built for Memorial to the Future (a collaborative installation between Soberman and TAM for the 2022 LA Art Show) into a deconstructed labyrinth at TAM. Labyrinths are said to echo or reflect back to us that which dwells in the deepest, darkest recesses of our own psyche. The goal is to reach the center, the core of our being. Once there, you must find your thread back out again.

This work will periodically change in unspecified ways over the course of the installation. For dates of upcoming changes and more details, please visit the artist’s website.

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