1125 W 6th St. Los Angeles, Ca 90017
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Our missionTo promote and support the physical, behavioral and spiritual well- being of American Indian/Alaska Natives in the urban Los Angeles area by providing comprehensive, integrated services that focus on all age groups and incorporate American Indian/ Alaska Native cultures and traditions.

United American Indian Invovement, Inc

About usUnited American Indian Involvement, Inc is the largest provider of human and health services for American Indians/ Alaskan Natives (AI/AN) living in the County of Los Angeles. Established in 1974 on the streets of skid row, downtown L.A. by two empowered American Indian women, Babba Cooper (Lakota) and Marian Zucco (Paiute) who wanted to serve the most impoverished community who lacked resources and access to services. Starting with 2 employees and a $150,000 annual budget in one floor of a three-level building that is one of the oldest in LA, quickly they doubled in size operating with 4 employees and a $300,000 budget over all three floors at 118 Winston Street. Our founders were able to create legitimacy within the skid row community while instilling hope for those in need of much-needed support and services.