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B Empowered “I Have a Dream” Peace Flag Community Project

Community Event · Volunteer organized
Life Skills



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About this event

In honor of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and his transformative “I Have a Dream” speech, we will create our own dream and peace flags. Please join us!

What are your dreams and visions of peace? At this virtual event you will make a flag that expresses your own dreams and what peace looks like and feels like to you! (Don’t worry, if you need ideas, examples will be provided prior to the event.)

If you like, your flag can be part of our community project where the flags are strung together and shared collectively in various places in our community. In this way we are sharing our dreams and peace with others.

All you need is:
1) A blank flag (which is a rectangular piece of fabric of any color or pattern you choose 7 inches wide x 9 inches long)
2) Sharpies, markers and/or paint
3) Any other crafty materials you wish to use (totally optional)

4 easy steps:
1) Cut a rectangle at home with material left over from another project or old clothing that you no longer wear (7 inches wide x 9 inches long). IMPORTANT: Kids please do not cut clothing without a parent’s permission! They may not think your shirt is old!
2) Decorate your flag.
3) Write your name and email on the back of your flag (optional).
4) Mail it to: B Empowered, 3401 Grande Vista Drive #461, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320. You can fold it and use a regular sized envelope and 2-3 forever stamps.

*** This event is held by B Empowered. B Empowered is a women-owned small business dedicated to teaching youth essential skill development in the areas of resiliency, social-emotional learning, growth mindset, conflict resolution, decision making, public speaking and leadership. By empowering youth through skill development and using the practice of mindfulness , we help youth to eliminate barriers, pursue their passions, and thrive as leaders.


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