Providing legal services during this time

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, our attorneys are hard at work advocating for our clients. Recently, our legal department assisted a client who fled after three years of experiencing domestic violence at the hands of her one-year-old daughter’s father. Our attorneys represented the client in her paternity trial, securing a court order for full legal and physical custody of the minor child for our client with no visitation to her abuser due to the history of domestic violence. The judge also ordered child support, which our client is now receiving and using to help support her daughter. During this uncertain time, our client’s court orders are providing her and her daughter with stability and a life free from abuse.

Domestic violence is on the rise and legal services are more critical than ever. Courts remain open for domestic violence survivors seeking restraining orders. Our legal team is ready to assist clients with restraining order applications; family law cases including divorce, paternity, and child custody matters; and immigration law applications ranging from citizenship petitions to DACA renewals and Violence Against Women Act petitions. Our team of attorneys are standing by to help. Please call (323) 737-3900 x237, (323) 300-4871, or email [email protected] for assistance.

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