PVAC90: Past, Present & Future

PVAC90 is our year-long 90th Anniversary Exhibition celebrating the achievements made by Palos Verdes Art Center since its beginnings in 1931 through the continued contributions and involvement of our community.

PVAC90 is a retrospective of the past 90 years, but more importantly,  it provides an opportunity to reflect on moving forward while remaining a valuable resource to our local constituents by collaborating with the world at large. At this time, we celebrate our contributions and strengths while demonstrating how we move forward by building stronger cultural bridges together.

Arts programming over the years will be highlighted with fresh follow-ups on artists, staff, instructors and volunteers.  Programming will be updated regularly on this site with additional galleries, event notifications and educational material, so please check back with us frequently.

In-person physical exhibitions will resume as soon as COVID restrictions allow. Keep informed. Stay involved.

Aaron Sheppard, Curator

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