Event Date: March 19-26, 2021

Hope of the Valley’s CEO Ken Craft and CFO Rowan Vansleve will put their bodies to the test in an effort to raise $300,000 to secure a 20,000+ sq. ft. building in the San Fernando Valley to bring home 150 people who are currently living on the streets. The run will take place over 8 days. It will start at our northernmost facility in Lancaster and weave its way through our existing 17 site locations, through the Antelope Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley, and concluding at our Simi Valley Thrift Store. Hope of the Valley programs will be featured with mini-events at each site. Including the unveiling of new programs opening in partnership with local community leaders.’ Ken and Rowan are committed to moving their feet so others can eat….and be housed! This 8-day event will truly test their physical and mental strength.  While the two of them are willing to sacrifice their time and bodies, we hope you will join them in the sacrifice and support them financially in this great race.  Together, let’s create miracle miles where each mile marker is a celebration of another restored life!


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