Stray Cat Alliance – Crisis Solutions

At Stray Cat Alliance, everything has changed and nothing has changed.
Last week, the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control, the largest shelter system in the country, declared that it would no longer be accepting strays, animal surrenders, or healthy cats at its Shelters. Los Angeles Animal Care Services (City of Los Angeles) declared it would only take in animals by appointment.
In the last weeks, we put out a plea and thanks to the amazing community, we’ve found foster placements for hundreds of cats and kittens, and we have fosters waiting on the front lines for unweaned kittens who will soon flood shelters. We’ve transitioned all of the remaining cats in our direct care to foster or our Jefferson Park location. We’ve circled the wagons around our staff and volunteers, making sure that they are safe, and we’ve enhanced all of our already-comprehensive, best practice cleaning and health care protocols.
This is what lifesaving in a time of crisis looks like.
Kitten season is about to begin. Free-roaming cats continue to populate the streets of our communities.
Stray Cat Alliance’s lifesaving will continue in this time of crisis. We are determined to keep our doors open and fill in this gap, therefore, WE NEED TO RAISE $50,000 IMMEDIATELY.
Our promise to you – and to the precious cats and kittens who need us more than ever – is to keep saving lives. We are grateful humane workers have been identified as essential workers.
In 2019, Stray Cat Alliance touched the lives of 4,706 cats and kittens. We performed 4,360 spay-neuters; gave over 8,000 vaccines; repaired hundreds of broken bones; saved the eyesight of thousands ; fed over 8,800 cats and gave innumerable cats a second chance at life, with you by our side.
As of now, we have over 400 volunteers who have stepped up to foster. However, we need your support for food, medical, and our critical operations.
We intend to save just as many lives this year. And maybe more.
We encourage you to stay safe and follow the CDC guidelines and government protocols during this uncertain time. We hope you’ll continue to be an advocate for cats.
We are counting on you to continue supporting Stray Cat Alliance as fosters, as volunteers, as advocates and as contributors. Please consider a contribution to Stray Cat Alliance to help us keep life-saving in a time of crisis?
Even in this time of crisis, we’ve got to keep Building a No Kill Nation One Stray At A time. The cats and kittens are counting on us.
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