Success Story


MOSTe is the backbone to my success. When I joined MOSTe seven years ago I would have never thought that I would be attending college. Being from a single-parent home as well as a first-generation student, college seemed like a dream that was forever out of reach However, MOSTe helped me learn that college was attainable, and with perseverance and determination, I could achieve anything. They opened my eyes to a world beyond Los Angeles County. Now I attend Lycoming College which is almost 2,600 miles away! At first, I was scared and couldn’t imagine being so far away from home, especially because everything is so different on the East Coast. I was always wondering how my family and I were going to pay tuition and all the other expenses that come with this new step in my life. With the information about financial aid that I received through the program, I applied for not only the MOSTe scholarship but many others as well which took away the financial burden. I soon adjusted to my Pennsylvania college life and going out of state has been one of the best decisions I have ever made – all because of MOSTe and my family’s support!  It is truly a blessing that I was lucky enough to join MOSTe. It has become my second family and will always have my back.

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