Support PATH Food Programs

While we’re being told to stay in our homes, it’s probably worth remembering that not everyone has that luxury. Which, as we know due to the highly contagious nature of the virus, is everyone’s problem.

While the rest of California stays at home, PATH will remain on the front lines to help our most vulnerable. Like healthcare and emergency services, the services provided by PATH have been deemed essential and our work in the community will continue. Many of those living on the streets are older, sick, or have underlying health issues. This is the group of people who are at the most risk of COVID-19.

There are three ways that the public can help PATH help the homeless.

  1. Donate money for life-saving services to the PATH Cares COVID-19 fund, here.
  2. Donate to buy food for those living in interim facilities here (Monetary support to purchase meals for guests at our seven Los Angeles interim facilities as our food donations from local partners have completely stopped, and while we cannot accept donations of perishable food, your financial support will allow us meet our guests’ basic needs).
  3. Purchase items from our Amazon wish list.

Our kitchens operate solely on donations, volunteers and the support of our community. Therefore, we are calling on you to provide help to our most vulnerable neighbors during this tough time for all.

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