Together We Can

The experience of serving in the military forges deep bonds that endure for life. Ask any veteran what they miss about serving in the military and you are likely to hear about the camaraderie and feeling of a shared purpose. The Mission Continues taps into this unique dynamic and empowers veterans with a new mission and the chance to build new bonds—with veterans as well as community members—as they continue their service, together. It works.

Through our programs, veterans can come together to do what drew them to military service in the first place: making a difference and helping others. Through this unique model, veterans become leaders and build new skills and networks that help them successfully reintegrate to life after the military—while making long-term, visible transformations in communities.

The impact of our work is more clear than ever. Lives are changed as veterans discover new possibilities as leaders driving community change. Working shoulder to shoulder in communities across the nation, veterans connect with each other, gain powerful networks and leadership skills, and renew their commitment to service. In the process, communities grow stronger and more resilient.

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