Feeding LA, Sustaining a Neighborhood

Central Lutheran Church-Van Nuys responded to the pandemic in May 2020 by moving our bimonthly food distribution to weekly, by planning, recruiting volunteers and funds, and implementing a drip irrigation system for our community garden, and by stepping up our recruitment of volunteers to support these programs.

Food Security was already a big issue for most families living in Van Nuys near Victory Blvd and Tyrone Ave. More than 57% of children were living in poverty, our adjacent elementary school had 99% of kids on Title 1 meals.

Each week, depending on which LA Food Bank Program is being used, we feed between 350 – 450 families, representing 1400 to 1850 individuals. At Thanksgiving we gave out to 778 households, impacting the celebration and weekly groceries for more than 3,500 people!

And it’s all thanks to VOLUNTEERS who want to make a difference, so we THANK our volunteers in a Brunch beside our community garden, twice  a year!

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