To help young people fulfill their potential to lead positive, productive and rewarding lives.

We help kids from underserved communities unlock their own potential by connecting them with exceptional tutors online, for free.

MSA Teaches outdoor education in a manner that increases awareness of the environment, raises the spirit of participants, and builds character.

America Needs You fights for economic mobility for ambitious, first-generation college students. We do this by providing transformative mentorship and intensive career development.

To create a world where people matter, society is enhanced, and HOPE grows.​

We make learning real by engaging educators and learners through collaborative hands-on projects that impact the practice of education.

To provide young girls with an alternative, providing them the skills to build positive relationships between family, school, friends, and their community.

The American Cinematheque believes that cinema is a communal experience with the power to entertain, enlighten and inspire. We build a diverse and engaged film community through immersive film curation, conversation, and presentation. We bridge the filmmaker to the audience and film history to its future.

Switzer Learning Center nurtures challenged kids to believe, achieve, and thrive!

The purpose of the PFC is to support and enhance the educational process at Agoura High School.

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