Su Casa Ending Domestic Violence – Changes and Funding

These are unprecedented times. The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed life for all of us. Su Casa continues to provide shelter for those who are fleeing an abusive relationship. We have quickly made changes that will enable us to fulfil our mission of providing safety and shelter for those survivors of domestic violence who seek us out.

Health and safety are first and foremost for residents and staff in Su Casa’s shelters. The shelter staff and residents have been trained in protection measures developed by the public health department. The shelters are well stocked with disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, and soap for hand washing to prevent transmission. Staff members provide instruction on proper hand washing to all residents and encouraging anyone in the shelter who may feel ill to immediately report it to staff so we can ensure they receive appropriate medical treatment.

The resident’s needs continue to be provided by the shelter staff. Counseling is being provided through on line tools and teleconferencing. Children are able to keep up with their school work through Chromebooks in their rooms. Adults and families are finding entertainment with videos, puzzles, and various games.

To date, there have not been any health concerns associated with the COVID-19 Virus at Su Casa’s shelters. Should any resident need medical services, Su Casa staff will connect the participant with their family doctor using telemedicine so the doctor can make a diagnosis. Su Casa’s heightened awareness and hygiene precautions can only add to the wellness of our residents and their families.

To ensure that Su Casa is doing it’s part for California’s “Safer At Home” program, the administration offices and Walk-In Resource Center located on Anaheim Street in Long Beach will be closed until the Safer At Home program is lifted. The Su Casa 24 Hour Crisis Hotline   (562-402-4888) continues to be staffed and emergency calls will be answered 24 hours a day.

We all understand that this is a challenging time and has impacted everybody’s lives. Su Casa – Ending Domestic Violence has to continue its vital mission. If you can make a contribution to help us get through this troubling time and help us provide programs and services to the survivors of domestic violence who look to Su Casa for help, please click on this link and contribute at whatever level you can.

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