To transform the lives of underserved, BIPOC youth and houseless families living in shelters and transitional housing in Los Angeles through a unique approach of providing outdoor education through amazing Summer and Surf Camps, inspiring Holiday Events and awesome Field Trips in and around Los Angeles, and Educational Assistance and Scholarships for youth through to…

We are a non-profit organization with one goal; to guide the under-served and underprivileged youth in the inner-city towards the path of success. Trading skateboarding for education; we use an active lifestyle as the backbone to success in education.

Wayfinder Family Services ensures that children, youth and adults facing challenges always have a place to turn.

New Directions for Youth, Inc. is dedicated to providing comprehensive programs and services to at-risk youth and their families.

ACE’s mission is to empower marginalized communities by providing education/ vocational programming, personal enrichment, and supportive services through collaboration and community action.

All children need a childhood. We bring together and strengthen families, cultivating conditions for children to succeed in life.

DRLC’s mission is to champion the rights of people with disabilities, cancer and serious illness through education, advocacy and litigation.

Our principal mission is dedicated to raising funds and resources from within the community and distributing those funds directly back into the community. Brotherhood Crusade has a history of building alliances with other organizations, corporations and foundations of goodwill that are committed to and understand the tremendous need for helping our community and people grow…

To provide youth of all beliefs and backgrounds throughout the greater Los Angeles region with strong and enduring, professionally supported one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever.